Sunday, October 24, 2010

What it means to be cool...

Kevin and I were at Wendy's the other night when a semi-scruffy-looking young man walked in. On his back, he had a backpack, and sticking out of the backpack was a similarly-scruffy-looking white puppy. It was a cute sight. The dog was just chillin', and the man seemed pleasant enough. He walked up to the counter, and was informed that he couldn't be a patron, even at just the counter, with a puppy in tow. Understanding, he turned and headed out the side door.

At the table behind us were seated a young man looking to be around 13 or 14 with his dad, having dinner. As we watched, the boy jumped up and ran out the door after the guy who had so recently exited. It was all we could do not to stare in appreciative amazement as the boy offered to buy anything the guy wanted for him. His request was simple: two cheeseburgers. They threw in a drink, too. When the guy popped his head in the door to thank the boy's father for the food, the dad offered up the change from the $10 that had been used to buy the meal.

At the table on our opposite side that evening at Wendy's sat a young lady, probably 10 or 11, with her dad, out for a Friday night date night. We again marveled as we listened to them chatting, about nothing in particular, laughing and enjoying one another's company.

Today, at church, half way through the song set, I watched as a son of one of the larger families in the church, arrived, and scooted in to fill his seat on his family's allotted row. He's the fifth child of a family of nine, near 19 or 20. As he shuffled on a chair behind his mom, she turned to greet him, and he greeted her with a kiss on the cheek.

All are examples of children, willing to go against what is popular, "cool," or trendy to both honor their parents and honor and serve those around them. They have each been wonderful reminders that not every child is a texting addict, unable to have a real conversation with a living, breathing, person in front of them. And, personally, I think that's cool.

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smileyni said...

I love this story it is very encouraging