Monday, January 10, 2011

New Blog!!

Due to so many changes forthcoming in our growing family, we though a new blog address would be appropriate.

You can now find, follow, and share in our lives at The Fowler Family.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

What it means to be cool...

Kevin and I were at Wendy's the other night when a semi-scruffy-looking young man walked in. On his back, he had a backpack, and sticking out of the backpack was a similarly-scruffy-looking white puppy. It was a cute sight. The dog was just chillin', and the man seemed pleasant enough. He walked up to the counter, and was informed that he couldn't be a patron, even at just the counter, with a puppy in tow. Understanding, he turned and headed out the side door.

At the table behind us were seated a young man looking to be around 13 or 14 with his dad, having dinner. As we watched, the boy jumped up and ran out the door after the guy who had so recently exited. It was all we could do not to stare in appreciative amazement as the boy offered to buy anything the guy wanted for him. His request was simple: two cheeseburgers. They threw in a drink, too. When the guy popped his head in the door to thank the boy's father for the food, the dad offered up the change from the $10 that had been used to buy the meal.

At the table on our opposite side that evening at Wendy's sat a young lady, probably 10 or 11, with her dad, out for a Friday night date night. We again marveled as we listened to them chatting, about nothing in particular, laughing and enjoying one another's company.

Today, at church, half way through the song set, I watched as a son of one of the larger families in the church, arrived, and scooted in to fill his seat on his family's allotted row. He's the fifth child of a family of nine, near 19 or 20. As he shuffled on a chair behind his mom, she turned to greet him, and he greeted her with a kiss on the cheek.

All are examples of children, willing to go against what is popular, "cool," or trendy to both honor their parents and honor and serve those around them. They have each been wonderful reminders that not every child is a texting addict, unable to have a real conversation with a living, breathing, person in front of them. And, personally, I think that's cool.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baby Feet at 10 Weeks

Things are moving along just as we have prayed they would. My jeans continue to get tighter, and my appetite (what little of it has returned) continues to get bigger. We're scheduled for our 11-week appointment next Wednesday, but we had a fun moment at home last night that I thought I'd share.

When my parents were here a few weeks ago, my mom left a mysterious little box with instructions to open it at 10 weeks, no earlier, no later. Well, the 10 weeks mark finally arrived yesterday, and inside was a very tiny pin with silver baby feet on it--exactly the size of our baby's feet right now. The card she enclosed reminded me of how she wore this pin when working in the PDICU in San Antonio--the international symbol of pro-life. How special! I don't know how long Kevin and I spent just gazing at those little feet, imagining that a very similar pair are within me as our little baby forms.

I don't have a picture with me of the actual pin (I'd like to take one of the baby feet next to Kevin's feet--wouldn't that be funny!? :). But I was able to find some images online to share with you. :)

"For you created my inmost being;
You knit me together in my mother's womb..."
~Psalm 139:13

Monday, October 11, 2010

New Experiences

It's been a season of firsts for the Fowler family.

At the beginning of September, we celebrated our one year anniversary of attending Cornerstone Church of Knoxville. This church has been a blessing to us in fellowship, friends, teaching, and an incredibly warm community of believers that love the Lord and seek to make Him known in Knoxville.

A couple weekends ago, Kevin ran his first 5k with my dad, who drove down from PA with my mom just for the occasion. It was a neat experience to be there to support them and see them through to the finish line. We're hoping next year, we can all participate--it is, after all, a run/walk. :)

For my birthday last week, we decided it was time to purchase our first ever major furniture purchase--a chocolate brown, micro suede sleeper sofa that will replace the couch that my parents so graciously gave to us when we got our own apartment. We don't get the new couch delivered for a few more weeks, but in the meantime, we're working on getting it down to Vonore, where Kevin's parents have graciously offered to store it until we have a place with room enough for it.

Last, we found out on Labor Day (of all days), that I'm pregnant with our first child! This by far has trumped any "first" we've ever had. :) We saw the heartbeat a couple weeks ago, and our baby is a healthy little bundle with a heartbeat of around 150 beats per minute (normal for a developing infant, apparently). Should be sprouting leg and arm buds this very week. We won't find out for another couple months whether our baby is a boy or girl, but for now, we're just reveling in the amazing process that the Lord has begun within me.

This has led to another first for me--maternity clothes! I actually had to read up on how to purchase this new genre of apparel. You don't after all get a guide to buying clothes of this nature when that test comes back positive, after all. I did manage a few great buys at a consignment event today--5 maternity tops for $30!

One of the most common questions I've gotten asked of late is whether I have any food aversions. Unfortunately, the answer to that for the moment is everything. :P I have absolutely no appetite. The Lord has been gracious in regard to morning sickness, nausea and the like. I have had relatively little morning sickness. I've had waves of nausea, but most does not impede day-t0-day functioning. I could not have asked for this, and the Lord has been gracious to grant me what I do not deserve--relative ease during this time of apparent tumult and newness within my body.

I cannot promise more frequent posts. Energy is low and time is little for blogging. I will try to be better about my frequency. Life is exciting right now. :) We are grateful and we are blessed.

I hope this post finds your circumstances similar. :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Celebration of Ersie

(Cross-posted at Barry's Genealogy Diary)

Ersie Cordelia Cooper was born on September 18, 1920 to parents William Emory and Mary Eveline Self. She has been an active member of Mt. Zion Baptist Church her entire life and it was there that she met a young man named Willard "Lee" Cooper. Willard was always childhood friends with Ersie's two brothers, and it was on one occasion that an approximately 12-year-old Lee was having breakfast with the Self family that he patted an approximately 9-year-old Ersie on the head and announced that he would one day marry her. After their teenager years and after Lee's four years in the Pacific theater of World War II this would soon become a reality.

While Lee was in the service, Ersie regularly wrote to him. When he came back to the states he had every intention of marrying Ersie. Lee asked Ersie's father for her hand in marriage and he replied, "Well, she is old enough to know who she wants, you're just taking my biscuit maker away from me!" To avoid time-consuming local government paperwork and fees, Lee and Ersie did what so many East Tennessee couples did at that time and got married in the state of Georgia. Their journey together began on December 21, 1946.

Ersie recounts her wedding day.

Even though the two married relatively late in life (Lee was 29 years old, Ersie was 26), Ersie and Lee had nine children, with eight surviving infancy--Shirley, Peggy, Lovonda, Ronnie, infant son Randy Lee, Darlene, Randall, Reese, and Donnie. All children currently reside in Monroe County, except for Darlene Cooper Russell who is an elected official in neighboring Loudon County.

Ersie and family were forever changed on Monday, October 25, 1982 when Lee went home to be with the Lord. He was 65 years old. Keeping him in her memory, Ersie has gone on to enjoy a total of twenty-one grandchildren and twenty great grandchildren. The Lord has continued to bless Ersie with satisfactory health, with the exception of some eye and back difficulties here in recent years. Despite these setbacks she has a sharp mind, quick wit, and a friend to everyone she meets. She is always up for a trip to Wal-Mart and even recently volunteered to board her first airplane for an adventure to Nebraska to visit some of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren for Thanksgiving.

We thank God for the nine decades that he has sovereignly granted Ersie to be in our lives and we count each day as a precious gift.

Each year during the Christmas season, the Coopers enjoy a family reunion at the Vonore Community Center where Ersie is surrounded by all of her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and more gifts than she can open in a single evening. In addition to this event, this year Ersie's friends and family will also be meeting at the Vonore Community Center for a special event on September 18, 2010 at 4-6PM to celebrate her 90th birthday. All are encouraged to attend for food and fellowship. Ersie would love to see you all!