Monday, October 11, 2010

New Experiences

It's been a season of firsts for the Fowler family.

At the beginning of September, we celebrated our one year anniversary of attending Cornerstone Church of Knoxville. This church has been a blessing to us in fellowship, friends, teaching, and an incredibly warm community of believers that love the Lord and seek to make Him known in Knoxville.

A couple weekends ago, Kevin ran his first 5k with my dad, who drove down from PA with my mom just for the occasion. It was a neat experience to be there to support them and see them through to the finish line. We're hoping next year, we can all participate--it is, after all, a run/walk. :)

For my birthday last week, we decided it was time to purchase our first ever major furniture purchase--a chocolate brown, micro suede sleeper sofa that will replace the couch that my parents so graciously gave to us when we got our own apartment. We don't get the new couch delivered for a few more weeks, but in the meantime, we're working on getting it down to Vonore, where Kevin's parents have graciously offered to store it until we have a place with room enough for it.

Last, we found out on Labor Day (of all days), that I'm pregnant with our first child! This by far has trumped any "first" we've ever had. :) We saw the heartbeat a couple weeks ago, and our baby is a healthy little bundle with a heartbeat of around 150 beats per minute (normal for a developing infant, apparently). Should be sprouting leg and arm buds this very week. We won't find out for another couple months whether our baby is a boy or girl, but for now, we're just reveling in the amazing process that the Lord has begun within me.

This has led to another first for me--maternity clothes! I actually had to read up on how to purchase this new genre of apparel. You don't after all get a guide to buying clothes of this nature when that test comes back positive, after all. I did manage a few great buys at a consignment event today--5 maternity tops for $30!

One of the most common questions I've gotten asked of late is whether I have any food aversions. Unfortunately, the answer to that for the moment is everything. :P I have absolutely no appetite. The Lord has been gracious in regard to morning sickness, nausea and the like. I have had relatively little morning sickness. I've had waves of nausea, but most does not impede day-t0-day functioning. I could not have asked for this, and the Lord has been gracious to grant me what I do not deserve--relative ease during this time of apparent tumult and newness within my body.

I cannot promise more frequent posts. Energy is low and time is little for blogging. I will try to be better about my frequency. Life is exciting right now. :) We are grateful and we are blessed.

I hope this post finds your circumstances similar. :)


Daniel and Sarah said...

So excited for you two!! I am glad that you don't have really bad sickness. It is not fun! Who knows why some of us get it and others don't. Still battling mine daily...but it is totally worth it to have a little bundle of joy. hard to beleive Nolan is getting so big and we have a second one on the way...

Rochele said...


Kate Borders said...

Hurray!!! How exciting :)

The Fowler Family said...

Congratulations guys. Children are a blessing and heritage from the Lord!

Jeff and Savannah Maples said...

Jeff and I are so excited for you guys! What an exciting new chapter of your life! What a blessing! Congratulations!